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Monikulttuurinen Johtaminen (Multicultural Management) (2008)

The ultimate goal of multicultural/diversity management is to promote the wellbeing, optimal use of resources, and strong performance of each individual as well as the organization. Managing diversity and inclusion is a special challenge for management, since attracting and managing talent with justice and integrity is a critical success factor in the twists of diverse global business. In all its decisions and interactions, including under pressure and in conflicts, management has to systematically comply with its ideals and value statements.

Diversity is needed at all levels and functions, but specifically in management. New multicultural resources offer widening perspectives to the entire work community, if the change process is wisely managed. The more diverse management is, the broader is its responsiveness to emerging signals. The book introduces a holistic dynamic model the author has developed to combine the motives, approaches, and goals. The book also presents a wealth of practical experiences and instruments proved to be useful in various kinds of organizations.

The book is addressed to top and middle level management, and serves well HR departments as a guidebook. When well and consistently managed jointly by management and human resources experts, diversity broadens the perspectives of the company, and enhances its proactive, innovative and sustainable performance.

(I am currently in search of partners for translating and publishing the book in English and French.) 

Good for people, good for business (in Finnish), SanomaPro.

English text coming soon.

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