Axianet Ltd was founded in 2006 on my return to Finland after 10 years at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC, U.S.. The roots of Axianet, however, originate back to the seventies when I established a small firm that later adopted the name Axia Oy.

Axia is a Greek word that means value, worth, worthiness. This concept is close to dignity - respect of human beings, richness of life, and diversity in the broad sense. Truthful to its name, Axianet is strongly committed to values that can be shared with its clients. We work in close collaboration with each client to ensure full integration with existing systems. In most cases, relationships with our clients are long-term and are built on mutual trust and ongoing willingness to go outside the box.

Axianet projects focus on multicultural and diversity management, equal opportunities, and equity.

Our services include
  • strategic planning, preparation and implementation of action plans;
  • production of methods, instruments, and indicators;
  • monitoring and reporting progress and results; and training, leadership coaching, and mentoring on the issues above.
Experts in Axianet network have been working with me for years. They provide additional expertise in areas such as wellbeing, international occupational health, and disability programs. Our working languages are Finnish and English, and also French on wellbeing, health, and disability issues. 

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